Step by Step projects


Recently I had a good idea, why not take photos of my work at various stages during its creation and write up the colours and methods I used, creating step-by-step painting projects.

I’ve made a start and fairly soon there will be several step-by-step painting projects available on my website, so anyone can enjoy trying my style of drawing/painting. The projects will be free and I hope I will have given clear enough instructions so people can follow them easily.  Don’t you hate it if you are trying to follow a painting project and find, once you’ve got part way through, that the person who wrote it hasn’t really told you how to do it at all?

Step-by-step painting projects may not be quite the same as face-to-face teaching, but there are a few advantages in starting to learn to paint in this way.  To begin with its free, always a good point Wink, also someone who lacks the confidence to attend face-to-face groups could begin this way, trying painting at home where there is no one judging the results of their efforts.  And there is always the question of whether you can spare the time to attend art classes regularly anyway.   So, for quite a number of aspiring artists working with projects can be a great way to begin.

In my view, all most people really need is a little inspiration and guidance to allow their creative side to blossom.

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