Home made bread

BreadIt is certainly worth a try  when you consider that bought bread is at least £1.35 a loaf and this lovely tasting warm from the oven bread works out at about 40 – 45 pence a loaf.

Here is the recipe for a medium sized white loaf: –

1lb strong white flour

1 egg

2 tsps sugar

Half a pint of luke warm milk

3grams of dried yeast

1 oz butter

2tsps salt

Warm the milk until it is lukewarm, and put this into your breadmaker first along with the egg, then your flour and salt and sugar.

It is best to mix your salt into your flour so it doesn't affect the yeast, if your salt and yeast in together the salt can slow down the yeast and your loaf will not rise properly.

Next add your butter, and lastly your yeast.

Then just set your breadmaker off on the appropriate program, with mine I set the size of the loaf to medium, the crust I want, i.e light, medium or dark and press start.

I have had breadmakers in the past but the recipes that came with them were not marvellous, the bread was better than shop bought, but using this new recipe has taken my homemade bread to a new level.

Plus it is saving me about £1 per loaf, can't be bad!

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