We use some ‘cookies' to help make your use of this website quicker and easier.

Any cookies not designed to make your experience of using this website better exist only to provide us with statistics about the way users in general navigate the site. We use Site Analytics to understand how the website is being used so we can work to improve the user experience.

All user data is anonymous.

We do not use any information derived from cookies to identify any individual users.

Cookies we use:

When you click on links we provide to go to other websites, those websites may use cookies and a cookie might be placed by the 3rd party who provided that link.

How to stop cookies:

To stop cookies from being stored on your computer, you will have to change the settings of the internet browser you are using.  To find out how to do this either click the ‘Help' button in your menu bar (at the top of your screen), or follow this link which will take you to a page on the AboutCookies.org  website where you will find instructions for every browser.

How to delete cookies:

If you decide to delete the cookies that are already on your computer, you will need to find the file where they are stored.  This how to delete cookies information should help.  Our cookies will have the file name yourname @ greenartist.txt.

You can find further information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at AboutCookies.org.

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