I am intrigued by stone circles.  Whenever I am on a trip I like to visit any stone circles or standing stones, and sketch them.  I often wonder why they were made and marvel at the mammoth effort it must have been to erect them. How and why the ancients made them we...


Black cats are enigmatic and said to be lucky.  At least some people say they are lucky while others don't agree.  I think all cats are lovely, lucky or not.  This character is one of three neighbourhood pets who see my garden as part of their territory.  They pass...


I love all animals and really enjoy drawing them.  I own a beautiful white cat but this is not a portrait of Tarka, but another glorious cat that used to visit my garden hoping for a tasty treat.  She used to get one too, so she came back often in the knowledge that...

The Dancer

This was my first ballet dancer in pastel and I gave the original to my mother because she liked it so much.  It still hangs on the wall in her living room today.  This is a sketch rather than a considered drawing, I did it quickly after watching dancers resting after...

In the Wings

This pastel is one of several I did of ballet dancers. There is something appealing about their dancing clothes that demands to be drawn.  I think this is especially true of a tutu, the tulle/net material, which is semi transparent, gives an irresistible challenge for...


This is one of four flower drawings I did a while ago while trying a new style.  I really like wildlife, especially the small creatures like dragonflies that many people overlook.  Their wings move so quickly and, if they are near water those wings really simmer with...

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