Earlier Work

A selection of my earlier work

High and Dry

I like both Impressionist style of painting and Abstract work here is an example of my own style of Impressionist Abstract painting in mixed...

Aspects of Lytham

  A mixed media impressionistic painting of a local town Lytham St Annes in...


This was one of those paintings that evolved from an idea. One of a series of paintings on a Climate Change theme, ‘Heat’ depicts global warming taken to an extreme. With recent reports about the arctic having reached tipping point, maybe my concens about the future...

Earthfire Rising

This is the first painting a did in my Climate Change collection. Earthfire Rising depicts the power of a volcano. The earth’s surface is splitting with volcanic ash and magma covering the ground. I chose the colours to give the impression of molten rock flowing over...


A pet portrait executed in oils on...

Gulf Stream Fade

Impasto oil painting, part of the Climate Change Collection, impasto oil on canvas Exhibited in the Grundy Gallery...
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