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Finally my new website is ready

After three months of mind bending website building I have finally managed to get my new site complete with ecommerce shopping cart, up and running.  It was a big project because I have changed the CMS system it runs on not an easy task, but well worthwhile.

Mouse Attack!

Mouse AttackMouseI woke to the sound of early birds and the thin light of an early dawn and wandered half asleep and barefoot into the kitchen to put the kettle on to boil. That is when the drama began. I have rather superior pet cat, or at least she thinks she is superior; she wouldn’t want to get her paws dirty – if you know what I mean. This particular morning she wasn’t sitting in her usual place waiting impatiently for breakfast, instead she was sitting in front of the wine rack, which for reasons too complicated to go into here is kept on the floor in a corner of the kitchen, and she had a fixed expression of rapt attention which immediately alerted me to the possibility of a problem. All you cat owners will know just what I mean, that sinking feeling, that “Oh no what is it now” feeling.

Now I want to point out straightaway that I live in a very clean house, and mice, beetles, that sort of thing are unheard of here. But, we had been having some major building work done, at one point only a few weeks ago the whole of the back of the house had been open to the elements. So, as I gingerly looked behind the bottles hoping it was just a spider, I knew in my heart that this was a bigger intruder. Sure enough a brown fieldmouse, looking deceptively small and harmless, crouched threateningly.

New artwork available in Shop

I have just added a whole new selection of prints to my online shop, many of which will be available at my next exhibition at the Heritage Centre in Lytham during April / May,  off to lie down in a dark room till my brain returns to its normal state.  It’s...

Changes to website

You may have noticed a slight difference in the way my website looks, although the visual changes are small, the actual change to the site is huge and involved a complete rebuild which took over a month to complete.  These changes will allow me to add a lot of extra...

Changing Weather

If you really think our weather isn’t changing take a look at this from the met office.  I don’t ever remember rain like this, over so much of the year

Ink Portraits

A 38cm x 28cm sample portrait on heavyweight watercolour paper using Ink, I painted David Attenborough because I am a great admirer of his work.  This was  painted from an old photograph, while I like to make the portrait recognisable I also like to create a feel of...

Master of the House

Alun Armstrong is just brilliant as the master of the house Thenardier and Jenny Galloway – Madame Thénardier in the Les Misérables 10th anniversary concert no one does it better No matter how many times I see this, it never fails to make me...

Step by Step projects

For some reason people who come to my exhibitions invariably ask me the same question, “Do you teach painting?” And, up until recently, the answer has always been the same, “Unfortunately not, at least not at the moment.”

The fact is I would love to teach art, but as an exhibiting artist I never seem to have enough time to get classes or workshops organised.  I try to leave enough time between exhibitions, but then ‘life’ intervenes and I find I have to focus hard to create all the work necessary for the next exhibition.

I’ve Won

I have just got my first Christmas present, well it’s on the way. I entered a competition via Facebook for a Dolce Gusto Creativa coffee machine and I won, how brilliant is that, what a great Christmas present. I love good coffee and this machine certainly makes...

Love at first sip

I decided to treat myself to a new coffee machine.  So I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived yesterday, which is amazing as I had not expected it for at least a week. It arrived with two sample sets of pods to try out and they are truly delicious, I must admit I did...

Registration Problem

It seems that there has been a problem with reCaptcha on the Registration form, it has been conflicting with another component within the site and so not working correctly.   Fortunatly somebody sent me an email last night to let me know that they could not register...
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