Lady in Red

Acrylic painting on paper, 8" x 10" unmounted.  A passionate performance, of an Argentine tango.

Dancin in the Street

Acrylic on paper, 8" x 10" unmounted.  I really admire these dancers they are so athletic and dynamic creating the most amazing shapes when...

Mellow Cello

I just couldn't resist this, I saw this man playing his cello on the street at the Edinburgh festival a couple of years ago, he was a real character and obviously a bit fed up with the whole...

Blowin the Blues

  Blowin the Blues is the second painting in my Northern Folk series of acrylics it is 10" x 8" unmounted. I am really enjoying using acrylic paint again, it is such a versatile paint and is easy to use.  Can't wait to get started on the next...


  Here is my latest painting - Tango - an acrylic on paper 14" x 12" unmounted I really love the dramatic shape the dancers make in this and intend to do a lot more acrylics after this...

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