I have enjoyed painting for as long as I can remember and, from a very early age, loved to watch and then draw and paint everything around me.

I’ve been interested in narrative art for years now and find the energy and architecture of urban spaces irresistible.   I really enjoy drawing on location, trying to capture the scene in front of me in that moment in time.

I draw my inspiration from the countryside, towns, villages and the sea close to my home, as well as the wooded valleys and the moorlands of the region.  I try to capture the spirit of these places I know so well and visit so often

When I am not busy sketching or making art in my studio I love to grow organic vegetables and fruit. It is fun to come up with tasty recipes using a tempting variety of home grown goodies.  Recently I installed raised vegetable beds to make gardening easier and I’ve decided I’m a supporter of the ‘no dig’ vegetable growing methods too.

At the end of a busy day I enjoy reading crime novels (I do love a good murder). I’m a wholehearted animal lover and often have to fight the desire to bring strays home when I’m out sketching.


I'm an artist, writer and illustrator. I can never decide whether I enjoy sketching most, or whether I love creating my children’s illustrations and books more. I think it must depend on the weather!

On fine days there’s nothing nicer than setting off to a new location, with my sketchbook, pens and coloured pencils in my bag, looking forward to a day of relaxed fun.

I enjoy chatting to the passers-by who stop to comment on my work; people do like to give their suggestions and opinions if you let them. But in wet weather and on freezingly cold days I much prefer staying snuggled inside, thinking up new characters and planning plots for my next book.

Many moons ago I was an art teacher in a secondary school in East Lancashire where I think I learned as much from the students as they did from me!

I am the mother of three grown- up children who are all a bit ‘arty’ and each enjoy being creative in their own way.

In my spare time I relish being outdoors in my topsy-turvy wildlife garden where everything seems to have a mind of its own. There are bees in the lacewing chamber, the lacewings have joined ladybirds in the polytunnel, bats have been checking out the bird boxes, and a family of field mice have set up home in the bumblebee nester.

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